Establishing an email signature integration with Google Workspace Establishing an email signature integration with Google Workspace

Establishing an email signature integration with Google Workspace

Blinq Business users can now integrate their team account with Google Workspace and benefit from automated email signature syncing for each Blinq user. 


Google Workspace capabilities supported in Blinq

> Sync existing team Email Signatures to matched Gmail accounts in Google Workspace

> Automatically sync new Email Signatures to matched Gmail accounts in Google Workspace


Access required

Blinq Business Admin

Google Workplace Super Admin (Either yourself, or access to the Super Administrator. Not all admin users have Super Admin access)


1. Navigate to in a browser tab
2. If you aren't logged in to Blinq you will need to do so
3. Click on your workspace in the top left of the screen (Your team logo and name)
4. In the dropdown click Team Settings
5. Under the Integrations page you should see the Google workspace section. Click connect under the logo.


6. Click Yes in the prompt window to confirm you are the Google Workspace Administrator.




If you are not the Super Administrator, please click No. A Link will be provided for you to send to your Google Workspace Super Administrator to complete the remaining steps within Google. Once you've received confirmation those steps are complete - skip to Activate the Email Signature sync for Google Workspace.


7. Clicking yes will open a new tab, asking you to login to your Google Workspace. Choose your account from the login page. 

8. Approve the FIRST THREE FIELDS permissions Blinq requires to sync with your account. 

9. Check all relevant domains and click Continue




These permissions are necessary to ensure only Blinq account emails with those selected domains will be synced to google workspace.


10. A pop up will confirm you've connected, click Next

11. Click Install App to install the Blinq app in your Workspace. Marketplace will open up in a new tab




Quickly check Google Marketplace has opened in the same profile as your Google administrator account by hovering over the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.


12. Follow the prompts in the window that appears to install the Blinq to your Google Workspace

13. Select if you are installing for your whole operation or groups.




Choosing groups may cause the sync to fail for some Blinq users if they are not included in the selected Google workspace group.


14. The installation is now complete, click back to the Blinq Dashboard tab

15. You'll see in the window that the system is now installing the app.


16. You can close the Integration setup window from anytime now. Google will email you notifying you of the completed sync. 



While most installations are very quick, Google advises to allow for up to 24 hours for the installation. Please reach out directly to if you have concerns with waiting. 


Once you've received your notification of completed sync you can activate the capabilities. See the guides below:


> Activate the Email Signature sync for Google Workspace