Activate the Email Signature sync for Google Workspace Activate the Email Signature sync for Google Workspace

Activate the Email Signature sync for Google Workspace

Blinq Business users can now sync new and existing team Email Signatures to their corresponding Gmail accounts via the Google Workspace integration.

If you have no already taken the steps, please see Establishing an email signature integration with Google Workspace.

To activate the sync follow the below steps:


1. Navigate to in a browser tab

2. Log in to Blinq If you aren't already

3. Click on your workspace in the top left of the screen (Your team logo and name)

4. In the dropdown click Team Settings

5. Scroll to the Integrations page you should see the Google workspace section.


6. Toggle Sync New Email Signatures to enable all new email signatures created in Blinq to sync with their corresponding Gmail account.
Once an email signatures has been synced to Google, changes to that email signature will be automatically synced. 

7. Click Sync. The sync will apply to all existing Email Signatures active in your account. Any new Email Signatures created will sync upon creation. 

Existing Email Signature's cannot be pushed to sync on an individual basis if they were not synced upon creation- best practice is to keep Sync New Email Signatures toggle active to ensure an active link is created for all signatures


8. Return to the Email Signatures menu on the Dashboard. A new status appears outlining the sync status for your teams signatures.

Synced - A relevant Gmail account was located and the Email Signature updated

Syncing... - Blinq is currently attempting to Sync with this Gmail address

Can't Be Synced - A relevant Gmail address was not located within the google workspace or nominated group. 

Tip: If 'Can't Be Synced' reason IS NOT 'User not found', please contact


The Email Signature sync is only one way. Users who have previously sync'ed Signatures, but have since been removed from the Google Workspace will not reflect in the sync status. 

9. Users can now login to Gmail and select to include the Blinq Signature as their default for the field On reply/Forward Use if they wish. 



Blinq Email Signature sync adjusts the Gmail default signature for New Emails only. Users who adjust the default in this field manually in between syncs will note the field updating the next time Blinq syncs again.