Editing your Blinq Digital Business Card Editing your Blinq Digital Business Card

Editing your Blinq Digital Business Card

Once a Blinq Digital Business Card has been created, you can edit the details at any time. Contacts that also have a Blinq account will see changes to your card in their contact list in real time.


Via the Blinq App

1. Open the Blinq App

2. Swipe to the relevant card in your account

3. Click the Edit pencil in the top right of the Card screen




4. From the Card Editor scroll to the field that requires updates and click to edit

5. Replace the values as required

6. Click save

7. To add additional fields, scroll to the fields menu at the bottom of the screen

8. Select the additional fields and add the values

9. To re-order fields, simply tap and hold and then move the field to the new position.

10. Once you've completed all required changes scroll to the top of the screen and click Save to publish changes. 



Via the Dashboard

1. Login to the Blinq Dashboard on your desktop or tablet browser via dash.blinq.me

2. Select Personal Cards

3. Click on the relevant Card Name from the card list on the left

4. From the Card Preview screen click the Edit button from the top menu

5. The Card Editor will open. Click on the field you wish to edit within the card display

6. Adjust the values as required

7. Click Save

8.  Delete a field entirely click the Trash icon

9. Add a new field to your card by selecting from the Field Menu on the left

10. Add the values and click Save to save them to your card

11. Re-order the fields on your card by clicking on a field and moving it further up or down the list.

12. When you've edited all fields, click the Save Changes button in the top right corner.