If you're itching to know what you need to run Blinq, then listen up! We've got the lowdown on the operating systems (OS) and browsers that we happily support. To ensure you're having the best experience, we suggest running the newest versions available.



OS Minimum OS version Current App Version
iOS iOS 16 1.16.2
Android Android 5.0 1.17.0



OS OS Version
WatchOS 1.5.0


Web Browsers

Browser Browser Version


Version 106 or above

Version 105 or above


Version 16 or above

Microsoft Edge

Version 106 or above


NFC Compatible Phones

Almost 90% of all phones in use are NFC enabled and will work when using a Blinq NFC card. In some cases, you may need to enable NFC in your settings. If you are unsure, please refer to the manufacturers website to confirm. 

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