Claim a Team Card on your iPhone Claim a Team Card on your iPhone

Claim a Team Card on your iPhone

1. Open the email entitled Claim your Blinq Profile.

2. Click Get my card from the email

3. Select your preferred browser to open

4. Ensure the checkbox for Save my place in the app is selected. This will allow us to automatically log you into Blinq. 

5. Click Open

6. The App Store will open for you to download Blinq. Click Get App.

7. Once downloaded the Blinq App will open. 

8. A pop up will appear click Allow Paste so the system can insert your card to the App

9. Create a password for your account, or select to Continue with Google, Apple or Microsoft logins to secure your account. 


If you've previously had the Blinq App and were already logged in, your new card will be assigned to your existing login and added to your card list.

10. Hang tight! The App is loading your Team Card into the system

11. Once loaded, click Edit design to update any missing fields. Add any images, update details or skip for now if you're happy with your details.


Some fields may be locked from changing or adding by your Admin. If you try to add or edit a locked field a pop up will advise this isn't possible.

12. Congrats! You've claimed your card and it's been added to your account!

13. Click Continue to finish loading and walk through the onboarding tips to learn how to Share you Blinq Card.