Known Issue: Texting from Blinq servers is disabled Known Issue: Texting from Blinq servers is disabled

Known Issue: Texting from Blinq servers is disabled


Sending texts using the "Send from Blinq" toggle has been temporarily disabled in the Blinq App due to inconsistencies with delivery of texts. 

Which piece of functionality is affected?

Sending a text from the Blinq servers by clicking Send From Blinq. This feature is exclusive to Blinq Premium and Blinq Business subscribers. 

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What is the problem?

Users are reporting texts sent via the Send from Blinq servers are:

  • Being confirmed as sent, but not delivered
  • Not confirming as being sent

We have confirmed this behaviour with our own testing and deemed the failure and error rate for using this method that as outside of our acceptable performance standards.

We'd hate to block any potential connections being facilitated by Blinq due to a technical error, and therefore have made the difficult decision to remove the feature while our engineers try and find a more reliable solution.

What will I see now?

The Send from Blinq toggle will no longer be visible when texting your card. Users will only be able to send their Blinq link via texts on their personal phone network. 

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What can I do instead?

Hang tight! We don't have an ETA just yet on when this feature is to be re-instated. Our plan currently is not to retire the feature permanently.

I have further questions! 

We're happy to answer them. Submit a request with any further questions for our Support team to clarify. 

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