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Blinq Business users can set the desired look and feel for all Team Cards through the use of a Team Template. Add Individual (placeholder) and Shared (pre-filled) fields, upload images and set the field order to support a quick baseline for both creating and updating Team Cards.

Feature Update:

Blinq Business Templates have received a facelift and update. The new and improved Templates features begin to roll out in stages to Blinq Business subscribers from February 12, 2024. 

Accounts will transition automatically. Existing Templates and Team cards will be  unaffected and will have the new features applied. You will know when the new experience is available to you by noticing some new visual elements we are introducing – including new, black buttons on the Templates page.


You'll need:

> Administrator access to your Blinq Business account

> Access to Blinq on a desktop or tablet browser. This feature is not available on the Blinq App.


1. Login to dash.blinq.me on a desktop or tablet browser.

2. Click Templates from the main menu.

3. Click Create a new Template. The edit page will open with the preview on the left and the field options listed on the right.

4. Add a label to your Template.

5. Add your images. Click the Company Logo or Cover photo icon to open the editor and upload the image file. 


Only .png .jpg and .jpeg files are supported to upload to images. Your file will need to be saved to your computer in order to upload to the Template. 

6. Edit the image by using the slider to zoom the image in and out for the best framing.


Cropping and resizing is not available in the upload tool. Your Logo and Cover Photo need to be cropped to a 16:9 ratio for the best fit. 

7. Click Profile Image to add a placeholder field for this photo to be required when creating the card.

8. Click Change Layout to choose your image layout to best display the images you've chosen.

9. Select the theme colour- this adjusts the icon and button colours for all cards created via this template.

10. Click a field from the menu to add to the Template. The field editor will open and prompt you to input the relevant information:

- Individual Fields are placeholders and only require labels and permission information. Specific field details will be added when a card is created from this Template.

- Shared Fields will require you to input the details that will be replicated on every card created from the Template.

11. Add all of the relevant fields to your Template. Personal Detail fields can only be added once to a card. All other fields can be added as many times as needed. 

12. Re-order the fields if needed by clicking on the field within the Template preview on the left and drag it up or down to reshuffle.


Shared fields that are pre-filled appear as bold and black in the preview, whereas Individual fields set as placeholders are greyed out indicating details are still required at the time of card creation. 

13. Click QR code at the top of the page to add your logo to the QR code

14. Once complete click Create Template in the top right corner to save your Template

15. A pop up outlining which fields you've added will appear. Click Create to confirm and save the Template.

16. Your Template is now ready to create Team Cards from. To add an additional Template click the + icon in the left menu and repeat this process.