Blinq Status- Reported Issue 16 Nov 2023 (AEDT) RESOLVED Blinq Status- Reported Issue 16 Nov 2023 (AEDT) RESOLVED

Blinq Status- Reported Issue 16 Nov 2023 (AEDT) RESOLVED

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Users are reporting errors with logging into Blinq and utilising features in both the App and on the Blinq Dashboard. We are investigating as our highest priority and are working towards a resolution as quickly as possible.

Our initial investigation indicates this is an issue and outage with our Authentication provider, Google Cloud Firestore.

Features that are reported as being affected may include:

  • Logging into Blinq via the App or our Dashboard
  • Viewing and sharing Blinq Cards
  • Creating a contact via Blinq as well as creating and using Email Signatures or Virtual Backgrounds are also potentially affected.


We are working to restore full functionality to all features ASAP.

Updates on progress of our investigation and resolution will be posted here for ease of access. 

Update 1: 12:43PM (AEDT) IN PROGRESS
What we've learned:

- Our assumption that the underlying cause is due to a Google Cloud Firestore outage is correct. 
- We are in direct contact with the relevant teams there to understand the issue further and work towards a resolution.
- We've confirmed not all Blinq users are being affected, and not all features are being affected for those users who are experiencing issues. 

-Our expectation is that other Apps and services are also being affected by this outage as Google Cloud Firestore is a popular platform to use.  

ETA on Resolution: No ETA. We are still unclear on a timeline to resolve the problem
Next Steps:

- We will continue to monitor the situation and investigate with the Google team. 

- We are working to isolate affected users to support returning to normal as soon as the outage is resolved. 


Update 2: 1:55PM (AEDT) IN PROGRESS
What we've learned:

- We received an update from Google Cloud Firestore advising that they have discovered the cause and are testing a potential fix to the problem.

ETA on Resolution: No confirmed ETA on full resolution just yet.
Next Steps:

- We'll await confirmation that the Google functions have been restored and then take action internally.


Update 3: 2:30PM (AEDT) RESOLVED
What we've learned:

- The fix released by Google has resolved the problem as hoped. (woohoo!)
- Internal testing confirms that logging into Blinq as well as expected behaviour of all features has returned to normal. 
- Initial reports from users confirms a return to normal functionality.

ETA on Resolution: Status is marked as Resolved.
Next Steps:

- We will continue to monitor the system and reports from customers moving forward.

- Some users may need to reset their password in order to restore access when logging in with an email and password directly.

- Users seeing issues while logged into the App may need to force-quit the App on the device and re-open Blinq.















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