Blinq Business Basics: Team Card Templates Blinq Business Basics: Team Card Templates

Blinq Business Basics: Team Card Templates


Blinq Templates are a key way for Blinq admins to create amazing cards for their teams that include a combination of personalization for the individual, standardization for the business and ease of setup and use for everyone.

Maintain consistent branding through logos, images and layout options

Easily set a cohesive visual identity across all your created team cards by uploading your logo and cover photo, then selecting the ideal layout to match your brand's unique requirements. 

With the flexibility to include profile pictures either through admin control or team member prompts at the claim stage, each card will become a personalized reflection of your team. Plus, stay effortlessly on-brand as image edits seamlessly flow to your team cards, keeping your brand image fresh and consistent as it evolves over time.

Set the order and owner of your Card content

Define your preferred layout and ensure Cards are completed according to your specifications. 

Card details within Templates can be defined as Shared or Individual. Shared details are added in the Template to apply to all cards and are recommended for consistent information like your company website. 

Individual details offer flexibility and enable team members to input their own personalized information, such as email and phone numbers, upon claiming their card. Individual values can also be coordinated centrally and input directly by the Admin..

Define permissions for mandatory and optional content

Templates provide a level of control that ensures your cards maintain a professional appearance while also accommodating individual preferences and needs.

Content can be designated as mandatory or optional. While mandatory is required, optional content will only appear on a card if it has the detail included. 

Select which additional links and details team members can add to their cards without altering the template layout via the visibility settings. 

Create multiple templates for your company

Create several templates, to guarantee that each office, country or team possesses accurate shared details and branding without frequent and individual edits.

Sync updates automatically

Changes made to Card Templates automatically update all relevant Team Cards, triggering email notifications for any necessary actions or courtesy reminders for team members to review.

Easily create Team Cards in one step

Creating a team card from a template is effortless—just input the email address and click "Create." 

Admins can also enjoy the flexibility to complete card details on behalf of team members during the creation process. Team members will receive prompts to fill out any Individual fields through their claim invitation.


Ready to get started? 

> Create a Team Template

> Edit a Team Template

> Create a Team Card from a Template


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