Creating a Team Card via Templates Creating a Team Card via Templates

Creating a Team Card via Templates

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Blinq Business Admins can create, edit and remove Team Cards on behalf of users. Blinq Business subscription charges are linked to the creation of Team Cards, as the billing is per card, per month. 

Best practice is to first create a Team Template to set the ideal field order and look and feel for all of your cards with images and shared fields, although should you desire, you can create a Team Card manually, field by field.


Feature Update:

We've made some changes to how you view Blinq Cards as a Blinq Business Admin user. Moving forward, all Cards will appear under the one Cards menu with the option to toggle between All company cards, and My cards.

The improvements begin to roll out from April 2024 and should be visible in your dashboard soon!


You'll need:

> Administrator access to your Blinq Business account

> Access to Blinq on a desktop or tablet browser. This feature is not available on the Blinq App.

> Create one or multiple Team Templates to allow for fast Team Card creation.


1. Login to on a desktop or tablet browser.

2. Click Cards from the main menu.

Cards Menu.png

3. Click Create Card. The create card page will open with the preview on the left and the field options listed on the right.

Create Card.png

4. Enter the email address of the user in the Card assigned to field

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5. Scroll straight to the Templates field, click the drop down and select your Template. All images and fields from your template will pre-fill.

Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 2.23.01 pm.png

6. You can either:

- Complete the Individual fields on behalf of the cardholder before saving and sending the card to be Claimed

- Leave the Individual fields blank for the cardholder to complete during the claim process.

7. Click Create

8. A preview of the Card Claim email will pop up, select to Send Now to invite the Cardholder to claim and complete their Team Card.


Should you select to Send Later, you can send all activation emails at once via the Send all Activation Emails button on the Cards page. To send individually simply click Send Invite next to the relevant Team Card. 

9. Once complete, you will return to the Cards page to repeat the process for each Team Member as needed.

You can see all Team Cards for your Company on the first tab, or navigate to the My Cards to view the cards in your name.

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