Deleting my Blinq Account Deleting my Blinq Account

Deleting my Blinq Account

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Should you no longer wish to maintain your Blinq account, you can request for your data and account to be deleted within the App. 


1. Click on the Main menu

2. Select Manage my account

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the greyed out Delete Account button

4. Providing some optional reasoning or feedback 

5. Click Send in the top right corner

6. Confirm that you wish to delete your Blinq account and data


Deleting your account permanently removes your login, Blinq Cards, Contacts and history from being available to you. 

7. Each request is reviewed and completed by our team in house. You will receive a confirmation once deletion has been completed. 


Deletion requests are actioned within 7 days, with most being completed within 24 hours of receipt. To cancel your delete request, please respond to the receipt of request email you receive advising us to ignore your request. 


If you are unable to access the Blinq App you can request a deletion directly by emailing from the email address your account is created from.