Unfortunately no.


We do not have a paper business card scanner. At this stage in time it has been deprioritised as a feature.

The amount of engineer time it takes to build a fully functioning scanning app which reads and inputs information into the contact book is quite a difficult engineering problem.

There are 2 ways that paper business cards scanners work within our space:

(1) Paper Business Card Scanning Apps

  • Apps which only focus on scanning the paper business card are your best bet for collecting information here.

(2) Our competitors

  • Currently the only way our competitors have gone around this is that they ask you to:
    • "scan" your the business card by asking you to send a photo to them
    • Once this picture of the business card is submitted their team will manually input this data into your contact book.


What is our current work around?

  • Contact Form: Currently the only way for someone to share back their details is to get them to fill in the contact form that appears at the end of the share flow. This will directly input the contact information into your Blinq contact book.
  • You can watch the share flow live here on our YouTube Channel

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